LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test; this test is required for taking admission in law schools. This test also helps us to take admission in the Australia, United States, Canada, and a growing number of other countries. The test has come in form since 1948, its only motive to give law schools a standardized way to assess applicants. The exam consists of six total sections: multiple choice sections have been scored one, on the other hand experimental section and writing section is underscore. Raw scores are converted to a scaled score with a high of 180, a low of 120, and a median score around 150. When an applicant applies to a law school all scores from the past five years are reported, though, depending on the school, the highest score or an average score may be used.  

Lsat Scoring Criteria

The LSAT India is measured on a scale of 120-180. The average score, which can be scored is about 150.Actually, you really need to understand what score you need to get to achieve so that you will get admission in a school you want to attend. In overall, you need an LSAT score more than 160 to be admitted into one of the top law schools. Each LSAT exam consists of 101 questions. You get one plus point for each correct answer. This plus point is converted into a more standard score whose range starts with a minimum score of 120 to the maximum score of 180.

How To Score Good In Lsat India Exam

To score good marks in LSAT, contact with LSAT Coaching in India, plan to spend at least 5-8 hours a week and you must begin from three to four months before to the test date. The most important things you need to understand that for scoring good marks in the LSAT PUNE are: take the sample papers for the  last three years for reviewing the test format, instructions, and question types. When you appear in the test it looks very familiar to you.