What is LSAT India

Law School of Admission Test India provides single window entrance test platform to admission in big and reputed law colleges of India. LSAT offers national level entrance test for Post Graduate students and also for an undergraduate student as well. LSAT India also helps to take admission in out of India colleges like United States, Canada, Australia and also other developing countries. LSAT pattern for this entrance has been prepared by LSAC (Law School of Admission Council) USA exclusively for law colleges of India. Numbers of candidates appear for this entrance test every year in India.


LSAT India integrated with the 5-year regular programme for LLB (Bachelor of Laws) and LLM (Master of Laws). Basically, LSAT India is a test of reading and reasoning skills where good critical thinking level required on to qualify this test. The LSAT India is also a test of analytic and logical reasoning test with comparative and comprehensive reading test. For this type of preparation, a candidate requires the best guide to approach all the questions to get success in this entrance.

Entrance Pattern of LSAT India

The LSAT  exam model contains of around 90-100 questions. The test is in a multiple-choice question-answer form where students have to choose one correct answer. LSAT India exam pattern is such that candidates are given 35 minutes to try each section. After 35 minutes, a candidate has to cover up one section and move on to the next. Returning to a section or moving to the next section if you want to move next section you can’t move without finishing your previous section, it not permitted.


Four Module of Lsat Examination are Following:

First Logical Reasoning Test

Second Logical Reasoning Test

Analytical Reasoning Test

Reading Comprehension Test

Best way to prepare for getting success in LSAT India

The law school of admission council publishes a Handbook which is available on official website of LSAT. A lot of guides available in the market for preparation for LSAT India, but the handbook provided on the official website has the best preparation material to crack this entrance. Candidates can buy this handbook form the official website of ISAT.

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